MaVI for Hospitality

MaVI's complete line of innovative applications, feature-rich IP phones and scalable platforms lower operating costs, drive revenues, enhance the guest



MaVI for Contact Center

MaVI Contact Center solutions provide a range of applications satisfying the needs of all enterprises, from basic call center capabilities to sophisticated



Complete IP Phone Solution

MaVI's complete IP phone system comes with rich innovative cost saving and very efficient features that helps your company to be productive.




Customer Testimonials
"Our business had an antiquated phone system.  At first we hesitated because we knew the typical cost of a new phone system along with the difficulties of maintaining it. 

 That said, after having a MaVI sytems demo, to say the least I was pleasantly surprised with the cost, the feature set, the upgradeability, and the ease of maintaining it.  The MaVI staff was very solutions oriented and made sure all questions were answered – even ones I couldn’t articulate!  They took the time to configure the system for us   I recommend MaVI systems to business looking for a scaleable solution and great support."

-- Craig G, IT Director


"The MaVI system allows us to use one phone system for all of our sites and ultimately has given us the ability to save thousands of dollars annually over alternative systems.  We have received only one complaint and that is from other IT staff from other companies that visit our consultancy. They inquire about the phone system in our offices and ask why their phone systems are so lame compared to ours!  In short, it’s a great phone system and a great company"

-- Dimitri Volkov, CTO