ClientManager Solutions


MaVI ClientManager product suite provides high end contact centers with premium capabilities. The patented solution provides the most comprehensive set of contact center interaction management tools in the market – multi media routing, universal queuing, tracking, and reporting for inbound and outbound calls. The powerful multi-media universal queuing supports interactions such as e-mail, Web Chats, Web Requests, fax, voicemail and tasks.


Key Features

Support for Multi-Site Configurations
Can be deployed across any number of physical locations, supporting virtual queuing and routing, real-time management, and centralized administration.


Flexible Levels of Fault Tolerance
Supports a number of different configurations allowing varying levels of fault tolerance and recovery.


Third-Party Integration
Integrates with a large number of external applications, CRM applications, ERP applications, quality monitoring applications, and workforce management applications.


Interoperability with External Systems
Exchanges business data with any database or application through industry standard protocols and access methods, including JDBC, ODBC, COM, XML, HLLAPI, and all other programmatic interfaces.


Seamless, Comprehensive, Transactional Data Collection
Collects and shares extensive interaction management data, providing insightful knowledge that supports best business practices at administrative, management, and operational levels.