Contact Center Solutions


Contact Center addresses the needs of inbound voice contact centers by including advanced routing, real-time management and historical measurement tools. Contact Center is for small-to-midsize contact centers with the need to analyze their performance and optimize results.

Key Features

Advanced call routing
Route calls based on customer number, automatic number identification (ANI), or skill group order


Real Time management
A comprehensive view of current activity and tools for correcting identified problems.


Advanced reporting
Customizable templates and scheduling of relevant key performance indicators.


In Queue Announcements
Up to 20 in queue announcements with support for caller interactions while in queue to redirect their call to other destinations.


Multiple music sources
Customizable music-on-hold sources based on the type of service they are calling from/to


Overflow and Interflow
Automatically apply additional resources to calls waiting too long or divert callers to alternative service options.


Outbound Dialing
Caller requested scheduled call backs and abandoned call backs.


Presentation of Customer Information
Presentation of caller information (number) and collected information from the customer (such as account number, order number)