EnterpriseCenter Solutions


EnterpriseCenter provides advanced multi media contact center solutions for customers. Advanced routing and multiple service options allow customization of the caller experience and provide the tools to correctly deliver calls to the proper agents. EnterpriseCenter includes all the capabilities of the Contact Center.


Key Features

Multimedia routing
Expands the services options from just voice to also supporting customer that want to communicate via e-mail or Web based chat.


Specialized services
Provides the needed tools to treat each caller appropriately, as well as make sure agents handle the calls they are most capably of handling.


Advanced routing
Delivers the appropriate call routing to customers as needed, including dialed number identification service, menu selection, automatic number identification, customer, time of day, calendar service level, priority and skills-based routing.


IVR Script Engine
Provides a flexible solution to service callers according their specific needs or importance to the company or to introduce basic self-service options that help reduce some agent resource requirements. The completely graphical scripting interface enables customer to easily create powerful routing rules to improve customer experience.


Outbound Dialing
Powerful Outbound capabilities in the system support preview and progressive dialing campaigns in addition to caller requested call backs and abandoned call backs.


CRM integration
Allows the enterprise to integrate call-routing decisions based on information in their customer database or to automate agent tasks with instant screen pops.