1.       Basic      
    2.   Messaging  
    3.     Call Handling   
    4.     Call Alerting     
    5.    Conferencing    
    6.     System    


    Call Notes

    This feature allows the user the ability to document a call by dictating a message into the phone after completion of a call. You can record a message by using a code. The dictated message will be recorded in a wave file format that can be forwarded to other users or can be sent to your email. This feature allows the user to record thoughts regarding a call immediately and when used in conjunction with Call Recording, which creates a seamless record of all conversations and thoughts.


    Call Recording

    This feature allows a user to record a conversation from any point in that conversation. The recording feature has the capability of going back to the beginning of the call and capturing all of the voice data regardless of when the keystroke is entered to record the call. This feature insures that no critical data will be lost from important calls and that call with disputes or disagreements can be documented. The recordings are produced in a wave file format and can be reviewed in the Call Detail Reports section of the Management Portal.


    Call Detail Reports

    This feature allows users to review call detail in an easy-to-use format. Detailed information includes call date and time placed, extension call originated from, caller ID and number dialed. This information is also sort able by fields and can be exported to other programs.