1.      Basic     
    2.    Messaging   
    3.      Call Handling     
    4.     Call Alerting    
    5.       Conferencing      
    6.      System      



    All users have access and all can simultaneously access the system. This eliminates embarrassing situations where clients try to leave messages but cannot get through due to system access restrictions.



    With the MAVI solution, there are no allocated hours of voicemail storage. The storage is only limited by the disk space on the hard drive which makes it virtually unlimited.


    Unlimited Access

    Unlike most solutions, MAVI users can all simultaneously access the voicemail system. This eliminates embarrassing situations where a client is trying to leave an important voicemail but cannot get access to your system.


    Multiple Folders

    Messages can be divided into work, personal etc... so that playback, review, and storage of voicemail can be more efficient.


    Multiple Messages

    With this option a user can play separate messages to callers to indicate to them whether they are in the office and just currently on the phone or out of the office and not available. The system realizes if you are on the phone and plays the appropriate message to callers.


    Messaging: Unified Messaging

    This feature delivers a user’s email, fax and voice mail to a single application, typically the email platform. The user will be able to see and manage all correspondence in one application. This will eliminate wasted trips to the fax machine and provide easier filtering of voice mail messages by having the ability to prioritize messages visually without having to listen to them.