1.      Basic     
    2.     Messaging    
    3.     Call Handling     
    4.      Call Alerting      
    5.       Conferencing     
    6.       System      


    Digital Receptionist /Automated Attendant

    This feature is designed to greet inbound callers and provide them with assistance and direction. This gives the caller a professional impression of your company and is available in multiple languages. Auto Attendant will also free up your staff and will direct calls more quickly to the intended party. This feature can be programmed to be the primary or secondary point of contact in to calling parties and can be used to provide after-hours, holiday and special messages to your callers. All systems come standard with a digital receptionist/automated attendant.

    Ring Groups

    This feature allows calls to be placed directly or transferred to a group of extensions. This speeds up call handling and improves customer service by allowing calls to be received by department, division, or by job function. Set up just like an extension, this feature can be triggered by the digital receptionist, direct transfer or Direct Inward Dial number (DID).


    Hunt Groups

    Hunt groups expand upon the ring group feature by adding intelligence to the process. In ring groups, a specified group of extensions ring simultaneously until picked up or the process times out to voice mail or another directed path. This feature enhances customer service by decreasing the amount of time a caller has to wait to speak with a person or department for assistance.
    Ring Groups and Hunt Groups are designed to deliver calls to a group or department for call handling using a single command. This will insure quick call delivery and minimize the wait time for customers.


    Automated Call Distribution/Call Queuing

    The most advanced of the call distribution features, this enhancement creates a call center application by allowing incoming calls to be queued based on a variety of options. The administrator has a choice of selecting the queuing methods.
    Incoming callers can be given status while in the queue (i.e. you are now second in the queue) and multiple queues can be set up based on individual needs for call distribution. Users will also be given the option to leave a message or opt out of the queue to access another party. There are no limits on the number of queues that a user can have. Users can be assigned to multiple queues and users have the option of logging in and out of queues based on an individual’s availability.


    Follow Me

    This feature allows a user to set their individual preferences on how to be contacted through the phone system based on their schedule. This is a changeable and flexible feature platform that can be broken down on an hourly basis and has multiple choices for a single contact (i.e.… 1. ring my extension, 2. ring my cell phone, 3. send to office voice mail). This feature creates the most efficient environment for successful connection between your inbound callers and your staff. If you want to stay in touch, MaVI will find you no matter where you are.