1.      Basic     
    2.   Messaging   
    3.     Call Handling    
    4.      Call Alerting     
    5.       Conferencing      
    6.       System       


    Management Portal

    The MAVI management portal provides an easy-to use GUI based menu system to setup, manage and maintain your telephone system. In this portal you will be able to:


    1. Set up your incoming call handling preferences - Call may be sent to an extension, a group or handled by the digital receptionist. Separate settings for business hours and after hours can be present.
    2. Set up extensions – Add, change, move or delete extensions in this tab. Passwords are also set in this section for phone use and voicemail access. Setup of voicemail to email and text alerts are also completed here.
    3. Set up ring groups, hunt groups and paging groups – Based on your preferences, this section will allow you to setup extensions that will be members of each group. Also, a prefix CID can be established to give the users a LCD display of what group the call is coming from and also an option for directing the call.
    4. Set up ACD queues – Set up your call center features in this section. Create members, record announcements, set your Caller ID display, set max hold time, and develop your ring strategy and other settings.
    5. Set up DID routes – Setup call paths for direct inward dial numbers. This is also the section for setup of fax to the desktop.
    6. Basic settings – Setup of basic information regarding the phone system including ring time before next action, company directory info and fax to desktop parameters.


    Web-Access to Voicemail

    Clicking on this menu in the MAVI portal will launch a sign-on screen for the user’s access to their voicemail box. From that mailbox users can listen, delete and forward their voicemail messages.


    Virtual Office

    It’s a fact. Business is no longer solely conducted from behind a desk. Mobility and flexibility are keys to your company’s retention of clients and key employees.

    Has your company lost productivity because of deficiencies in your communication network from employees who travel, work remotely, are injured or ill?
    Are your remote locations, temporary offices or remote job sites linked into your current telephone network?
    Are you an owner, partner or key employee that would like to travel more often, but are reluctant because you feel that you need to be in the office for your customers?

    Why sacrifice the ability to communicate synergistically when the MAVI PBX platform can create an office anywhere in the world there is a high-speed internet connection.
    An MAVI telephone system makes all phone functions of the corporate office available to any remote users whether they are tele-workers, travelers or just working temporarily form home.


    These employees can now place and receive calls as if they are at their desk. They have the ability to conduct conference calls, send and receive fax and check and forward voice mail from their desktop.
    This functionality will help your company:
    * Retain customers and employees

    * Differentiate service
    * Provide a more flexible hiring platform
    * Consolidate phone usage
    * Bypass toll and long-distance charges
    * Eliminate reliance on hotel phones and cell phones for critical calls