1.      Basic     
    2.   Messaging   
    3.     Call Handling     
    4.     Call Alerting    
    5.    Conferencing   
    6.    System   


    Assisted Transfer
    With this feature the user will be able to notify the targeted party that they are sending a call through. This allows the targeted party the option of taking the call, forwarding it to someone else for handling the call, or sending it to voicemail. This features aides in call preparation and improves efficiency in calls reaching their intended target.


    Unassisted Transfer

    The user transfers the call directly to targeted party without announcement. This is also referred to as a blind transfer.



    A single button hold is standard. Music, commercials, general information, or a combination of all three can be played to the holding party until the holding call is continued.


    Do Not Disturb

    To limit interruptions and prevent ringing of the handset, the do not disturb feature will send calls directly to voicemail and temporarily exclude the user from a ring group, paging group, hunt group or ACD group. Management has the ability to control this feature for users through the management portal.


    Call Parking

    This feature allows a user to place an incoming call in a parking zone. MAVI assigns a call parking number that is spoken back to the user. The user can then notify the targeted party to their extension that they have a call parked. The call can then be picked up by the targeted party at any phone on the system. This also frees up the operator once the call is parked and party is notified of call. If a call is not picked up from the parking space the MaVI system will send the call back to the person who parked the call or to a voicemail box of your choice.


    Call Forwarding

    To reduce "phone tag" and increase user’s productivity, this feature allows users to forward their calls automatically to another extension or device. Calls can be forwarded to an internal extension or an outside number such as a cell phone. This feature is easily turned on or off by the user via a series user friendly prompts provided with the MaVI user interface.



    This feature allows the user to scroll through a menu of their last dialed calls on the phone’s LCD screen. The user can then initiate a call to a number by pressing a phone line. The number will be automatically dialed. This feature saves time and eliminates miss-dials. Many handsets offered by MaVI deliver call lists for missed calls, received calls, and placed calls.


    Three-Way Conferencing

    This feature allows the user to quickly initiate a three way call between both inside and outside parties. In contrast to the Conference Bridge feature, this feature is designed more for impromptu, short conference meetings between three parties.


    Call Tracing

    This feature allows the user to trace the last number that dialed in. A quick connection back to that number can then be made by pressing a single button.


    Call Waiting
    This feature allows users to initiate or receive calls on multiple lines. The user will have the ability to toggle between the calls or join the call for a conference

    Caller ID

    This feature displays Caller ID information including either the phone number or the business name for the user. MaVI’s system will deliver all Caller ID information provided by your telco provider to the desktop.



    This feature gives intercom capabilities to all telephone users on the network. This operates at full duplex, which means that employees can answer back in hands-free mode.