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At MaVI:  We know hotels…


MaVI's complete line of innovative applications, feature-rich IP phones and scalable platforms lower operating costs, drive revenues, enhance the guest experience and make it easy for hotel staff to provide outstanding customer service. MaVI's tailored applications allow hotels to personalize services and features based on guest profiles and preferences. MaVI's migration strategy enables hoteliers to implement IP solutions at their own pace.


What hoteliers are saying…

“Our maintenance costs have plummeted, and we're better able to optimize our staffing levels to meet our desired callhandling


"After trying several competing brands we found MaVI to be the easiest to use and most hospitality focused telephone system on the market today. Its features, its simple integration into property management systems, and its
functionality make it ideal for hotels.”

Tailored Solutions for your Hospitality Organization:


Provide unparalleled convenience and mobility for your guest and staff:

Wireless handsets (no wifi required), Find me Follow me. Your guest and staff can use unique wireless handset in the property without worrying about wifi connectivity. You can provide your guest with find me follow me feature which will allow them to take calls made to their hotel phone from their cell

phone and if not answered can go back to

their personalized voicemail and not cell

phone voicemail.

Conference Center: Provide conference service to your business customer without incurring any additional cost.

Meet today’s business customer needs: Provide full office functionality when they stay at your hotel. Offer a Direct Inward Dial (DID) to your guest to provide to their customers when doing business in that area.

Messaging Solution: Access voicemail from anywhere, personalize voicemail, unlimited voicemail.

Auto Attendant: Save by cost and provide more customer facing time, Increase efficiency and productivity of your staff, Auto attendant allows rapid and professional automated service for most often requested services. This means your guest will not have to wait for your staff to answer their request for information Web access to the room phone from inside and outside of the hotel.

-- A unique call detail features provides detail break down of the calls including room to room calls if required

-- Room check-in and check-out, do-not-disturb status, Wake up calls, Room dialing restrictions, system wide room to room blocking


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