WorkCenter Solution


MaVI WorkCenter's is an attractive entry level call center that is designed for informal groups looking to become more efficient in their operations. Tightly integrated with the MaVI phone system, workgroups provide a simple call center to customers at an extremely low total cost of ownership.


Key Features

Voice call routing
Allows the routing of incoming voice calls to agents.


Simple management
Provides desktop real-time tools, as well as historical views for better call center operation.


Longest wait routing
Callers are automatically delivered based on how long they have been waiting.


Basic Annoucements
Each caller can be queued and presented with multiple levels of menus, with options to continue holding or to exit to another destination.


Ability to schedule the direction of calls to one group during working hours and to a different destination during non-working hours.


Basic integrated reports
Provides a basic view of call center performance.